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Saving Money With Coupons


According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average family of 4 with two school age children should expect to spend over 1,100 per month on food. As you become more coupon savvy, you should be able to make huge savings on your grocery bills.

Different types of coupons

Coupon Inserts

Your local Sunday newspaper is a great place to find coupon inserts. The top three are Proctor and Gamble insert, the RedPlum insert and the Smart Source insert. Note that you won’t find coupons on certain days like holidays. You can use the Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule to find out exactly when there will be coupons in the Sunday papers.

The more papers you buy, the more coupon inserts you’ll get. Magazines are also a great source of coupon inserts. You can also pick up different types of coupons such as tearpads, coupon booklets and peelies at gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores.

Online Coupon Codes

The quickest way to find online coupon codes is by using automated browser add-ons that automatically display coupon codes when you get to a retailer site, or at an online checkout. Tools like PriceBlink allow you to see coupons immediately when you land on retailer sites. Tools like Honey or Coupons at Checkout allow you to see coupon codes when you’re ready to checkout.

Digital coupons

Major online sources of digital coupons include Coupons, Red Plum, Smart Source, Proctor and Gamble, manufacturer websites (such as CeraVe and Dryel) and retailer apps (such as Kroger and Target.). Click here to learn how to get the most savings out of manufacturer coupons.